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Parent teachers meet

This application gives a feature specifically to conduct PTMs on this software.

Transportation management

Management of all the transport related activities can be done on this application.

Insightful student report

Progress report will automatically be prepared post answer sheet correction which will be visible to every student separately.

Unlimited cloud space and Data security

This application will provide unlimited cloud space and data security to all the educational institutes ,which is the greatest challenge for them.For this, they do not have to spend extra for these facilities.







Live classes

As per the current scenario, our education system is blessed with applications available in market wherein students can take live classes with their teachers.

However, there are many loopholes in the current online teaching system because of certain limitations .The main loophole in these platforms is that the teacher is the only one who can communicate, students does not have the access to talk directly to the teacher. Students can only ask their queries via chat method. But we have enabled our app with two way communication feature. Also, the teacher can take live one on one doubt clearing session with the students.

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Attendance for School and staff

As this situation has compelled us all to work from home. Hence, it has created so many problems in terms of attendance tracking and sometimes leads to less productivity.

This problem comes while conducting online classes also. Teachers are unable to track the attendance of students attending the class or in some cases they are taking attendance manually (by calling names one by one).It consumes a lot of time. To rectify this, we have come up with a plan wherein attendance can be tracked in auto mode whosoever is attending the session. It will create attendance history also since the day college/school/institute will start using it.

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Recorded Videos sharing by school/coaching owners

Most of the Indian population resides in rural areas. Students of these areas face a lot of issues in terms of internet connectivity. In this current situation of Covid-19, when classes are being conducted online regularly by schools/colleges/educational institutes, students and teachers must have a good internet connection.

This is one of the biggest problem teachers and students are facing as every single time the network cannot be constant. Hence, leads to disturbance in academic schedule/planner. To rectify this problem, we have an option in our platform where teacher and student does not require proper network every time. In our application, there is an option with the teacher to record the lecture (if in case teacher has connectivity issue at the class timing) and upload the same. A student, whosoever is facing the connectivity issue can have the lecture when he/she will come in the network area as it will automatically get downloaded at that time.Also,every lecture gets automatically recorded in the application. This will benefit the students in doing revisions(unlimited times) and can easily access the missed classes.Students also have an option to record their doubts and sent it to the teacher and teacher can solve their query in the recorded form or during the live lecture.

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Assessment for students

In the current procedure of online applications, teachers are sharing question papers via emails, whatsapp. Students are solving the question paper going offline

without any strict invigilance This app brings an exciting feature wherein teachers can upload the exam paper on the app itself and it will get opened on the student’s screen at the defined examination time. A student just have to solve the theory based questions and have to upload it on the app. It will directly go to the teacher for checking purpose.

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Paper corrections for teachers

Paper checking is one of the biggest task for the teachers in this current situation. Teachers have to take printouts and make corrections etc. But our application provides the best

solution to the teachers as they can directly do paper correction then and there on the app itself. The marks will automatically get counted and progress report chart will appear in a separate section.

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Admission management for school and parents

New enquiries/parents searching for admissions can get benefitted with this feature. This system automatically generates leads for schools i.e.

parents who are searching for admissions and are registered on this application will get captured under “admission leads”. To simplify, we have inculcated CRM software in this application wherein institutes can manage the admission enquiries.

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₹ Fees collection

Fees collection is one of the biggest challenge for educational institutes specially in this current scenario.To simply this procedure, we have an option in this app through

which parents can pay the fees(payment gateway) and institute can track every transaction made. We are also installing one feature wherein schools/colleges can get to know the pending balance to be received from each parent.

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